Curse of the First

The brothers are gone. The Cross Heroes and Wildfire both left leaderless, but evil still stirs. The world still turns and goes without peace and quiet.

Months after the battle of Regina, dozens of Chosen have gone missing, and the Cross Heroes struggle to find out who is behind the kidnappings. And more continue to go missing.

With the Cross Heroes in disarray, Demons around the world begin to come to light, wreaking havoc everywhere they go. With battles turning up all over the place, the team begins to feel torn as they fight, and try to find a way to bring back there lost leader. Can they succeed? Or will the world mourn more losses?

"(Brady) did an excellent job of organizing this book to keep the reader involved!"

- Judges Commentary
25th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

Brady Young

Author of the Darkest Light Series

Brady Young, an up-and-coming author, is a lover of fantasy and sci-fi writing and storytelling. Raised in Saskatchewan, he has been deeply influenced by his mother's Christian faith, reflected in his allegorical writing style.

In his spare time, Brady loves to mentor youth at his church, get lost in books, and spend time with loved ones (including his son). 


"Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching"

- CS Lewis

Book 1 - Darkest Light: It Begins

With trouble sprouting up at every corner, can Kain rise up to lead?

In 2032, the only thing on seventeen-year-old Kains mind, is getting through his grade eleven year with his friends and sister, without any trouble. With summer coming to an end and high school starting back up, Kain and his best friends, Thom, Jane, Jen and his sister Elaine are looking forward to sports, and new relationships.

The goal of a simple year crumbles when Raphael, a new student arrives. After a life or death situation, Raphael tells Kain that not everything is what it seems. Unable to leave it alone Kain confronts his father, Brady, and learns that he, and many others are Chosen, super humans with extraordinary abilities.

Kain’s world crashes down around him when he learns that his father’s friends are being hunted down by a mysterious group, angered at past sins. To make matters worse, on a live broadcast made by the U.S. Government, a small group of Rogue Chosen, aided by Demons, attack, throwing the world into panic

Darkest Light It Begins



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